5 Questions Answered About Working With a Lighting Designer

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Almost everyone agrees that it takes a team to build a new home, and that building a winning team requires patience, knowledge, talent, and commitment. A large team also spells a need for management skills, attention to detail and a well-written "playbook." Specialty players are the ones who make a difference and help the entire team look better. 

What does all of that have to do with hiring a lighting designer?

Just this: Working with a lighting designer can make all the difference to the success of a homebuilding company. We like to think of ourselves as the specialty players who can be depended upon to score winning points!

1. Why work with a lighting designer?

At Aterra, we're really into the technology of the future, not just the kind that will make each home better, but the kind that will help coordinate all the choices, keep everyone organized, and satisfy the buyer as well.

By acting as liaison between builder, electrical contractor, product supplier and buyer, we work hard to assure that each home's electrical plan is designed to meet individual homeowner needs -- now and in the future. We keep everyone on the same page, and our goal is to make every task easier and more efficient. 

We add another level of expertise: We are those specialty players -- we speak the language of electrical expertise. We score in terms of lighting plans, smart technology and home automation. We help personalize each home to buyer wants; we build in future potential, and we coordinate effortlessly and constantly with other trades.

2. What important services does the lighting designer offer? 

A specialized designer frees the homebuilding staff to do what they do best, whether that involves new designs, new subdivisions or new color schemes. We concentrate on the electrical plan, offering buyers a chance to choose what's important, to opt out of the ordinary, and to install gizmos and gadgets that will excite and be innovative for years to come. We'll work with each buyer to select proper trims, and assure that the plugs and switches are installed at the right height and in the right places. We eliminate the need for paper documentation and constant site inspections. We offer options for specialty products and electrical design. 

3. How does the lighting designer interact with other members of the building team?

Digital technology has revolutionized the building business, and we at Aterra are thoroughly tuned in to the new way of doing things. Everything we do is backed up on redundant systems and transmitted almost instantly to everyone who has a need to know. There is little chance for mistakes and misunderstanding, and little need to make onsite inspections to verify that work is done right and on time. Updates are transmitted electronically and "filed" for future reference. Savings in time, cost and energy are immediately apparent.

Because communication is a priority at Aterra, we have introduced an inclusive, protected log-in screen on our website, taking team members and clients directly to a specific project page, and expediting access for trade partners and builders.

4. What should a homeowner expect from the process?

Working with Aterra offers homeowners the ability to truly make a home one of a kind, the kind that is perfectly suited to their lifestyle, budget and future needs. It's the type of luxury treatment every buyer hopes for and it's just one of the "above and beyond" services that Aterra excels at! We are committed to full documentation and constant communication, and we work diligently to customize the process in every way possible.

5. What about the cost of working with a lighting designer?

Actually, a lighting designer makes the process of electrical design simpler and more efficient. For all the above reasons. Our buying power assures contractors and builders of the lowest possible prices, and we pass that cost efficiency on to buyers. For a full explanation of how we work with builders and contractors, just call to schedule an appointment.

Just as we explained at the outset, we view our services as the specialty that your team has been waiting for. Wait no longer!

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