Constructech Top Product Winner: Aterra Home Design Virtual Technology

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“Sharing data with the supply chain is critical in construction. With Home Technologies Virtual Design from Aterra Designs, builders can combine virtual renderings with data embedded objects that can be dropped onto a plan.”  That's what Constructech editors had to say; and that's one of the reasons that Aterra Designs garnered a Top Products Award for 2018 from this pacesetting publication.


The Wave of the Future

We are honored, of course, to be recognized among the winners. We are convinced that our "concept" technology represents a "better way" to approach lighting design and electrical planning in the homebuilding industry. But we view our move in the direction of virtual reality as a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to serve customers in the best possible way, using new and exciting technology to expand horizons and introduce new efficiencies.

We believe that the future of the residential construction industry, including production homebuilding, in this country depends on continuing innovation and integration of new methods and expanding possibilities. It's of benefit not only for building professionals, but for buyers and owners as well. 

The benefits are threefold:

  • Better understanding of customer wants and demands;
  • Better efficiencies, lower costs and error reduction throughout the process of design and building;
  • Higher levels of performance from professionals and a higher satisfaction quotient from customers.

It is obvious that technology has changed the way we all live and react to our environments. That will no doubt continue, and will affect us all in ways not yet imagined. 

Envisioning the Future

We're proud to be among the leaders in the use of visual reality to streamline the business of lighting design and electrical planning, acting as a link between architects and designers, builders and electrical contractors, and the public. Aterra's Home Technologies Virtual Design offers a unique way to "see" and experience how lighting can transform the home environment and illuminate not only the home, but the life and lifestyle of home owners.

The technology allows infinite adjustments in order to achieve just the right effects, and updates data instantaneously across the entire supply chain when changes are made. State-of-the-art technology enhances the design and specification process, simplifiesordering and pricing requirements, ensures better control both in the office and in the field and is cost-effective as well. 

Builders and clients alike are delighted with the results, and we like to think that future technology will become even better, allowing greater flexibility and expanding opportunities for customization.

At Aterra, we know that the future is upon us, and we work hard to assure that we are in step with both modern design and innovative technology. It's a better way for all of us!

construtech 2018 winner