Specialty Lighting Makes These 3 Areas In Your Home Stand Out

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While there may be no such thing as "the perfect home," it's obvious that some stand out from the pack. When it comes to unique features, one way to make a house shine is through specialty lighting. Whether you're a designer, a builder or a homeowner, here are some ideas to elevate your next project out of the realm of the ordinary.

There are high-tech options and glitzy lighting solutions, to be sure; but there are also some practical, sensible lighting additions that will simply make your home life more convenient and and a bit more pleasant.

Here are three specific areas to consider, along with some of the best options for lighting up your life:

Art Lighting

You don't have to have an Old Master in order to think about a specific art lighting plan. In fact, if you hang family photographs in a hallway, display art purchased on family vacations, want to highlight a favorite piece over the fireplace or have a special place for a piece of sculpture, why not take advantage of specialized art lights to show off your favorite pieces of art to best advantage? 

Directed "eyeballs" and broad beam "wall washers" showcase wall-hung art, while pinpoint directional spots can direct light to horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Art lighting can be installed as individual fixtures, in a niche, on a track, or as part of an overall recessed lighting plan. 

We know that too much light can damage fine art over time, so we'll help you locate lighting for high effect, but low risk. We'll customize home wiring to meet specific buyer needs, or design a wiring plan that allows for maximized future options. As always, Aterra acts as liaison between builder, buyer and electrical contractor so that nothing slips through the cracks!

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

We've discussed it before, but it's worth mentioning again. The "heart of the home" should be a bright, happy, convenient, safe space, with a good mix of general illumination, specialized task lights, and individuality in the form of accent lighting. Whether you place a funky lamp on your kitchen counter, want to light up a bookcase full of cookbooks or want toekick lighting to provide a nighttime glow, we'll help you -- both with recommendations and a specific plan. 

If you're moving in the direction of home automation and smart technology, your choices might be different, but we've got you covered on that front as well. And if you want an appliance garage or a out-of-the-way charging station for your robot vacuum or your portable devices, we'll make sure your home's wiring will accommodate those needs as well.

Bookcase & Shelf Lighting

Bookcases and home shelving can be dark places, but they don't have to be. Do you have cabinets or other types of furniture with integral lights that need outlets in specific locations? Specialty lighting can require specialty wiring. Why not let us help you as you plan for a wall of shelving or bookcases, entertainment centers, and other unique furniture installations like Murphy beds or freestanding home offices.

We also have great ideas about the best ways to plan device charging stations, great ways to light up storage closets, and even better ways to add modern convenience in the garage, laundry room or pantry.

Just tell us about your special needs, and we'll make sure the wiring is behind the walls to meet all your needs, even if you simply need a convenient wall outlet at an unusual height.

Aterra has embraced the future: When you're ready to wire a new home, you'll want to make sure that it's as future-friendly as it can be. We're here to help.

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