Why Motorized Window Shades are Rapidly Becoming Part of the Connected Home

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In schools, offices and commercial buildings, motorized blinds and shades make a lot of sense, both stylistically and economically. The eliminate the need for constant readjustment, present a uniform "street view, reduce interior glare and temperatures, and cover large and hard to reach windows with ease. Now they have "come home" to offer the same kind of aesthetic appeal and financial advantages. 

When they are installed and integrated with smart home technology, a homeowner benefits from onsite light and privacy control, but also has the added advantage of adjusting them remotely from across town or across the globe. That can be a great advantage in terms of home security, giving the illusion that someone is at home even if you're on vacation or out of town on business. 

Integrate Window Coverings with Other Smart Features

It's easy and "smart" to integrate your motorized window coverings with other home features, including temperature and lighting controls. You'll gain maximum influence over your interior environment. You'll also reduce or eliminate the detrimental effects of UV light on interior finishes and fabrics, minimize glare, protect artwork, and create uniform style throughout the home. Discuss your wants and needs with your designer or builder, or consult with a professional lighting designer!

Motorized window shades are available in a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics; they can be mounted within the window frame itself, made to mount on skylights, or installed at the ceiling line or behind a cornice so they visually disappear when retracted. They can also be combined with other window coverings for a designer look. Motorized blinds are especially suited for extremely tall windows, picture windows and clearstories. On walls with multiple windows, the shades may be programmed to operate as a single unit or individually. They can also be made to slide up, down or horizontally, as needed.

A Menu of Options for Shades

Motorized window shades may be hardwired, plugged in or battery-operated. Limited radio frequencies and limited line-of-sight operation have evolved. Modern wireless technology offers a new dimension. Serena shades, available in a wide range of style, integrate easily with Lutron's Caseta line of lighting controls. You can operate your window coverings, control your home's temperature, turn your lights on and off, and perform a variety of other home security functions with only your smartphone and a free Lutron app. 

The new technology brings home the benefits of personalization, advance scheduling and "geo-fencing," meaning that you can set your own parameters for the operation of your home, tailoring its functions to your individual needs.

Why settle for limited convenience in your new home when you can have virtually anything you can imagine? Is now the time to "get smart?" Let Aterra help make your new home better than you dreamed possible. Electrical planning is about a lot more than lighting today!

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