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Aterra Designs 3D Process: 

Delivering thousands of homes over the years, Aterra has perfected its seamless integration with the homebuilder. We have a proven 3D Process that enables the smooth transition from partnership to improved performance—in the field, with the homeowner, and on your balance sheet.


Aterra Designs meet with Home Builder and Contractors to understand vision for your new home builds.

  • Community specifics are gathered and documented to comply with all codes and CC&Rs
  • Market analysis is performed
  • Project scope, volume, and timing
  • Meet the Community Team, Design Consultants, and Contractors
  • Review Base Standards
  • Decide what options will be available to the Home Buyer


Aterra Designs creates a unique experience for the Home Buyer, as well as a seamless system of revenue for the Home Builder and Contractor.

  • Complete System Integration
  • Options Program
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Meet with Home Buyer to create their unique space
  • Training for Contractors if needed
  • A la carte and/or package options


Driven to deliver excellent results to all parties involved in the new home construction process.

ALL parties are provided a fully scaled and dimensioned, lot-specific plan.

Home Builder is Provided with:

  • Base standards version control
  • Market differentiation
  • A 2 - 3 Fold inccrease in lighting and electrical options

Contractor is Provided with: 

  • Bill of Materials
  • Contractor Report
  • Parts Schedule

New Home Buyer is Treated To: 

  • Custom Design Experience
  • Wider Product Selection
  • More Valuable Experience
  • Ease of Options
  • Flexible Selection Cababilities
  • Delightfully - lighted New Home
  • Unrivalved, luxury, customer experience 



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